Monday, August 24, 2009

Getting The Good Stuff: Mississipi Water

I love watching videos on YouTube. Saturday I watched a video by familygoingnatural from New Orleans (her whole family are natural hair wearers) and she talked about how good Mississippi water was to her hair. She is absolutely correct. When I first moved to Tennessee, my hair acted a plum fool when I washed it and I was permed! It was only after I went home again that I realized how soft the water at home is. The water has bubbles in even before you add any product and you only need a little shampoo to get a good lather going.

I decided to make a video response to her video of my recycling a Coca Cola bottle to get a little water. Since I was in the country, I decided to get it straight out the outside hydrant! Fun Fun Fun! I had water splashing all over me. I will use the water in my apple cider vinegar (ACV) mixes and any other mixtress mix that I concoct. I only brought back that 20 ounce bottle so it will have to be small batches!

ACV Rinse

  • 50/50 ACV & Water to be used as a final rinse for scalp and hair. I like to use warm water. This is a natural hair and scalp clarifyer.


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