Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dancing My Wig Off

I have been glued to TVOne programming since Michael Jackson's death. They have been airing his videos, his 30th Anniversary Special and The Jacksons: An American Dream all weekend. I have blogged, twittered and did all I could to process my feelings. I visited Essence.com's site and left my feelings there too. I wrote that I had "danced my wig off to all the Michael Jackson music that has been played." Well lo and behold, I managed to change the channel from TVOne since they were re-broadcasting The Jacksons: An American Dream over to CNN. They were presenting "Michael Jackson: The Man In The Mirror." I watched that and then Larry King Live with guests like Smokey Robinson, Barry Gordy, MJ's friend Miko Brando, Liza Minelli, Usher and Deepak Chopra. Usher said it best when he kept it classy by wanting to remember MJ as the legend and not the rehash negative press. A mother has lost her son. Let her grieve. Go on Usher! Well, I still had not had enough Michael Jackson and continued to watch CNN coverage with Don Lemon. Cori Murray, a writer from Essence magazine, was talking about Michael. When she referred to a comment left by a reader that "she had danced her wig off listening to Michael's music that was being played" sent me into orbit! I felt that my true feelings for Michael had been expressed and someone else felt them. I felt soooo much better. If I can find the post, I will link it but there are so many fan entries on Essence now, I don't know where I posted!

ETA: Finally found it! Currently listed on Page 5. The Yolanda comment is mine.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

No Words

I had this comparison photo in my January 2009 Fotki album. I laughed when I thought how my afro was looking like Michael Jackson's afro on his "Off The Wall" album.


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