Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Black Chicks in Vegas

I could not resist the photo op with the "Black Chick"! I loved it!

Las Vegas was hot and slightly humid due to the rain that was falling after we landed. I didn't think it rained in Las Vegas! Oh well. . .I guess if it now rains in Southern California, it can rain in Vegas.

I tried to keep my hair routine simple for the 5 day stay. I only packed a 3 ounce container of Fantasia Activator/Moisturizer and a 3 ounce peppermint oil and water mist. Oh yeah, I also brought the travel size Fruit of The Earth aloe vera gel. My hair behaved and I wore it out loose a few times. Hubby has been asking me to unleash the fro! I thought it looked kinda jacked up but he loved it.

As I have gone through my camera, I cannot believe that I failed to get a pix of my loose hair! Blame it. . .on the HEAT and frustration of our stay at the MGM! I have renamed the MGM as: My Goodness Man. Check out my other blog if you want to share in our torture! I'll keep this all about hair!


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Coily City

I've had a few days with my new products. My hair loves the Taliah Waajid line. The Fantasia Activator/Moisturizer really defines my coils! For the past few days, I've co-washed with Taliah Waajid's conditioner and while hair is damp, I "squish" in some Fantasia Activator/Moisturizer! If my hair has gotten a little wet in the shower, (I don't own a shower cap anymore) I use my diffuser to dry it to stretch it out. My hair is very happy.

Friday, July 10, 2009


This has been a rough few weeks for me. Since watching The Secret, I try to avoid the news. Of course, I find out what I need to know and my life has been great. But who could avoid the media hoopla around the deaths of Richard Carradine, Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, Billy Mays and my beloved quarterback and Alcorn State Alum, Steve McNair. I'm sure that I did not list them all but you get the picture. Mind boggling. And I've been glued to the boob tube watching the news. What's a girl to do to escape? Shop!

Today, I wanted to break out of the funk by indulging in retail therapy. Instead of buying clothes or even a new car ( I did that last December) I bought some hair products.

My fashionista who is also natural, had a banging twistout and I had to know what she used. I could not find the Design Essentials 2n1 or the Paul Mitchell Foaming Hair Pomade but I did find the IC Silky Gel Activator Moisturizer--along with a slew of other things! I did a sample twist with the activator and it was gorgeous. I'm going to give the line a trying after a fresh shampoo and conditioner and see what happens. I love IC Fantasia products so I picked up shampoo and conditioner. Walgreens had the IC Fantasia gel 2/$7! This should last another 6 months or more. But I have more hair now so I am not sure. But 6 months seems like a good projection.

I'd been seeing the Taliah Waajid in Fotki albums and when I saw it in the beauty supply store, I took a whiff, and it was very delightful. Compared to money I've spent on Kinky Curly Curling Custard and Miss Jessie's with moderate to "oh hell no" results, I couldn't pass up the $6.99 sticker price. The ingredients were good too. We'll see.


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