Friday, July 23, 2010

Natural Hair Twists

I transitioned my Puff À la Curly Fro into some twists. Styling my
natural hair is my greatest challenge. I was very happy with the
twists. I will use anything to hold hair out of the way, including a
clothes pin. Hey, it was handy and it got the job done.

My hair was still very moisturized from the Lisa Akbari products that I used to do her Curly Fro technique but I did mist occasionally with jojoba oil, vegetable glycerine, peppermint oil and water. I was NOT using Carefree Curl Activator, just recycling the bottle.

(If you need to view the video in a larger size, click the video to enlarge.)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Smokin' Hair

I've been so busy but I had to carve out some time to upload some videos that have been lurking in my camcorder for a few weeks now. I'm such a slacker. LOL.

I uploaded a short "Puff" video on YouTube. I wondered whether to make an annotation or not but I immediately received a comment asking if there was something on fire in my video. I laughed so hard becausejI'm so "Rasta" and I was burning an incense. All of a sudden, the smoke started billowing like crazy and who knew my JVC High Definition camera would pick up translucent SMOKE!

When you view the video, just know that no bathrooms were burned or harmed in the making of this video!


Thursday, July 1, 2010

July 4, 2010 | National Afro Day

There is a movement to make July 4th "National Afro Day". An online friend, Mook's Hair has designed a logo to commemorate the day. She is allowing us to use her logo to make iron-on t-shirts! Yay! Thanks girl.

I am so happy to have my family visiting on July 4 and to have this National Afro Day on the horizon. I did not want to be all sad thinking about Steve McNair. I will rock my pink Steve McNair jersey and my Afro! Perfect! I will post pictures.

I've made a YouTube video and in the description box, I announce that I will put together an "Afros on the 4th" video tribute. All interested Afro Rockers can email me their photos and their desired screen name.

Oh, here is the link to Mook's Hair Fotki for 2 Afro logos!

Stay tuned!


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