Saturday, August 8, 2009

Always Organic

I make no bones about being a country girl from Mississippi. Though as a kid, I longed for the flash of the city. I wanted to vanish from the place where the sun leaned on you no matter where you went under the shade tree. I wanted to throw my hands up anytime my beloved Big Mama planted her vegetable garden on Good Fridays and say that it would matter. Fast forward 35 years and I finally get it!

What my Big Mama and Big Daddy did back then is all the rage right now: Organic! Say what?! Organic? We were always Organic but it was called living in the country! Now while I refused to drink milk from a cow that walked around the pasture, fresh tomatoes, greens, peas, butter beans and field corn were always available. My grandparents farmed, fished & harvested by the moon. At the beginning of each year, they always bought the Farmer's Almanac and The Lady's Birthday Almanac. In there, the moon phases determined the best time to plant crops and even when to trim your hair for growth. To this day, I still use the moon as a guide. Give it a try and see if you notice a difference!



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