Friday, October 23, 2009

Pre-Poo Process

Since becoming natural, I have maintained healthy hair. I have not noticed hair breakage or any other hair issues. I am a confessed product junkie but I do have certain hair regimen that remain unchanged: the Pre-Poo Process.

Pre Poo is short for pre-shampoo. I like to pre-poo if I've used various products on my hair that may have contained silicones which can cause build-up on the hair shaft. If I don't use a natural cleanser like baking soda or bentonite clay to cleanse my hair, I will use a regular shampoo that may contain SLS (sodium laurel sulfates). In attempt to combat any drying effects of the SLS shampoo, I like to coat my hair with an oil such as Amla oil or EVOO (extra virgin olive oil). I heat the oil in a microwaveable dish for a few seconds and transfer it into a small bottle which allows me to pour easily.

Once the oil is applied and is coated over my strands, I will apply a layer or two of plastic wrap to hold in the heat. I then apply a thick towel on top of that in order to hold in heat. You could use a heat cap or hooded dryer to speed up the process but I like to use this time to do household chores or read a few pages of a book or magazine.

When the time has passed and it is time to rinse, it is important to add the shampoo to your hair BEFORE adding water. Oil and water do not mix. Adding the shampoo first breaks down the oil on the hair shaft before the water is added. I like to apply the shampoo once or twice; it just depends on what my hair feels like. I follow up with a conditioner and voila! I'm ready for styling. I don't do a deep conditioner at this point but I suppose you could if your hair needs it.

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