Friday, October 30, 2009

I Maxiglided My Nappyliciousness!

We wore hats to work today for "Hats On" against cancer. Since being natural, I've not liked to wear hats because I totally look like a goober! I decided to Maxiglide my hair.

It took about 20 minutes. I instantly missed my nappyliciousness but I was happy with the results. It gave me a chance to see how much my hair has grown and how deceiving shrinkage is. See the complete process on my YouTube channel. (While you're there, please comment and rate the video.)

When I walked into the building, one of the secretaries blurted out: "Pimp". I wanted to yell back "B" "K.M.A.!!! This woman still wears a freakin' pineapple wave!!! Yes. A freaking shellacked pinned up 1985 pineapple wave. Thank God I was able to bridle my tongue because I was about to let her have it. I had just walked in from a massive down pour and my whole self and clothing were drenched! I may have looked like a wet pimp but when I go home, I can shower and wash my nappyliciousness back but she would still be a jackass!


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