Sunday, August 2, 2009

To Tuck or Not To Tuck: That Was The Question

Ok, I've twisted my hair for the night and I didn't know whether to tuck my ends or not. I've seen Lisa Akbari and her method on YouTube for the curly afro.

After viewing her results video again, that helped me to make the decision to tuck the ends. She pretty much summed up exactly what I was wondering about.

I have not been to a professional hair salon in over a year. Even then, it was a "shape up" of my afro by a natural lady at Walmart! Yes, Walmart. Initially, I was not happy because I thought that she cut too much off. But in the end, it was a beautiful shape. I probably need a trim but I am afraid to trust just anybody in my locks. Some people can get scissor happy and I might need some bail money from y'all!

Taking notes from back when I was permed, the stylist styled my hair. I may have gone in for a wash and set but it was really the styling part that was essential to the process. I get that now and will apply that to my own natural hair. I guess I was caught up in the fact that yes I'm natural and my doesn't require chemicals, it still has to be styled. My style of choice has been the puff but again, as my hair has grown, it needs more styling versatility. I think the appearance of the lack of styling is what puts some people off about natural hair. They think that you cut off your relaxed hair to wear a big ole kinky matted afro. Hey, if that's your preference, Rock On! I love all the options that natural hair brings. There are days when I miss that big ole Maxwell-Sexy-Kinky. . .oh, I'm getting off the subject. Sorry. I got caught up. I just heard Pretty Wings and wanted to fly away!

I will tuck my ends and hopefully make a new YouTube video of my results.

Stay Tuned!



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