Saturday, November 8, 2008

Naturally me

After having relaxed hair for years, I decided it was time to really relax and go natural.

Unknowingly, I had my last chemical fire (perm) on August 8, 2006. My stylist was no longer making my hair sing. I was bored. A couple of months later, I let the African sisters braid me up and I was on my way to transitioning.

I transitioned for about 10 months or so. Once I had committed to transitioning, I became anxious to find out what my hair would be like underneath once natural.

I got that answer on June 11, 2007 when I took my final set of micro braids down with a mini-chop. A few days later, I could not tolerate the 2 textures and commenced to the BIG CHOP!!!

It was a little scary and I bought a horrible wig!!! After seeing how fake that wig looked, I decided to toss it and let the family and world see my TWA.

I have browsed through several websites and along the way, I have become a PJ (product junkie) trying to figure out what works for me. The natural ladies at Fotki have managed to keep me on the right track about my decision. My very southern mother threatened to whoop me when she first saw that I had chopped my hair. My mother has never ever been relaxed and still receives her bi-weekly press and curl. But after I explained to her my reasoning for being natural, I think she saw my point. I had an aunt or two to flat out tell me that they hated it and that I should not get offended when I see people staring at my head!!! I had to take them on a ride and while they were captive, I let them hear our hair anthem from India.Arie.

I invite all of you to join me on this journey. I hope that my journey will be inspirational to someone else considering taking the plunge. I am still learning my natural hair and will document it on a regular basis.

Come on and grow with me!!!


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